Laëtitia Giraud’s painting finds its iconographic genesis in her personal photographs.
They take on the function of referent, less machines for seeing reality than machines for imagining her future painting.
This work questions the ambiguity of realism in painting.
If it is indeed from an image, from this -instrument-tool- that a rereading of reality takes place, it is to convert it completely through the human prism.
Laetitia Giraud is a painter, and it is through an instinctive release of colour, recomposition, the notion of detail, drips, etc. that the artist shows us what a photograph does not.
In her work, there is a very particular jubilation in perverting the original image and making it highly pictorial, another world in short.


Laëtitia Giraud is a painter born in 1979 in Paris.
After obtaining two Master’s Degrees (Applied Arts and Plastic Arts) at the Vauban University of Nîmes, she continued her career with training in visual communication and then training at the Center for the Study of Artistic Partnership and Intervention (CÉPIA) at the School of Fine Arts in Bourges in 2013.
During her studies, the artist quickly created procedures to paint at her own pace : she chose acrylic for its drying speed and developped systems to obtain her specific blurs.
In 2010 Laëtitia Giraud Faces her work as a painter with a personal exhibition, Faire Face, and takes part in St-Lô’s painting symposium Tâches-Taches. After devoting 10 years of her work to portraiture, she decided to paint urban landscapes at night.
In 2014 she won the second prize of La Source PalissʼArt painting competition in Eure.
Today, Laëtitia Giraud paints intimate still lifes, neon nudes, gas stations, nocturnal landscapes… always in vibration.
In 2023 she won the Frédéric de Carfort painting prize sponsored by the Fondation de France eand presented Story Board, a solo show of her lastest works.
The artist is represented by Galerie Jamault in Paris, Galerie ArtFontainebleau and Galerie 1809 in Marseille..

Portfolio Laetitia Giraud Artiste Peintre


Download Lætitia Giraud’s portfolio.

Curriculum Vitae Laetitia Giraud Artiste Peintre


Download Lætitia Giraud’s curriculum vitæ.


2023 Prix de peinture Frédéric De Carfort 2021 (sous lʼégide de la Fondation de France) – Les Amis de lʼAcadémie de la Grande Chaumière – Paris

2014 2ème prix du concours Paliss’art, Évreux


2023 Storyboard, Galerie Art Fontainebleau – Fontainebleau

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2016 Work On Light, Galerie Art Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau

2014 Les Nuits Au Carré, Galerie Art Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau

2012 Work On Night, Galerie La Bohème, Deauville

2011 Association 6e Continent, Lyon

2010 Faire Face, Galerie La Salamandre, Nîmes

2009 Autoreprésentation, École de La Canourgue

2007 En-têtes, Galerie 16-10, Avignon

2007 Portraits, La chapelle des Pénitents, Mende

2006 Présence, La Maison Gauthier, Montélimar


2023 Inauguration, Galerie Le Cube Vernet – Avignon

2023 Eternal Summer, Galerie Jamault – Paris

2023 Carte Blanche, médiathèque les 7 Lieux – Bayeux (exposition réalisée en partenariat avec Le Radar à Bayeux)

2022 Festival d’art contemporain de la ville de Sceaux

2022 Intimité, Galerie Le Cube Vernet – Avignon

2021 Liberté, Galerie Le Cube Vernet – Avignon

2020 Une exposition, trois artistes, Galerie Jamault – Paris

2020 Ouverture de galerie, Galerie Le Cube Vernet – Avignon

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2019 Contraste, Galerie 1809, Marseille

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